My story


from paris to toronto 


I strongly believe that a wedding should incorporate Romance, Elegance and Sophistication to align with perfect French values. Being a French (Parisian please!) native, I have a global understanding of the French tenets for high end private events. 
My mission is to craft beautiful, bespoke weddings for my clients. My goal – to relieve you from anxiety and indecision. I only work in a collaborative way – I truly believe that your wedding has to be your own vision. My role is to bring it to life. 
After organizing over 200 weddings from Paris, I expanded our location to Toronto in 2019 with the ambition to serve North American couples eager to either Get married in Europe or Bring a strong French inspiration to their wedding in North America

I work with you toward an ethical wedding and give you as many options as possible to respect both the environment and the humans involved. 

Hello, I’m Eloïse 

“Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance” – Gabrielle Chasnel 


Learn more about where i'm from

I was born in Paris but raised in the Bassin d’Arcachon, in the South West of France. French culture amazes me, and I feel very grateful to be able to share it with you during your design process.

What I love the most about France is the cuisine and the fashion. Just like most French people, I live for bread and cheese!  Classic, I know! I also take fashion very seriously – ‘tell me how you dress up and I’ll tell you who you are’ is probably one of my favorite french saying.  

I could talk endlessly about my homeland; when we meet, you will quickly see that a big piece of my heart still lives there!

learn more about my inspirations

One of my main inspirations is the art of Equitation. As far as I remember, I’ve always been around horses. Their elegance and their majesty has always inspired me. Equestrian sports demand high accuracy; every human movement has an impact on the horse. Thriving in this sport requires you adopt the correct mindset. Much like horse riding, weddings are extremely detail oriented, and their success hinges on these details. My quest for perfection in the equestrian world carries over into my work. 

 Something that I also want to mention when it comes to inspiration is my peers. Other talented entrepreneurs that create beautiful things through photography, fashion design or even interior design. Spending time looking and understanding their work always light ideas up  in me. I strongly believe that alone you go faster and together you go further. 

curious to know How I started planning and styling weddings?

For As long as I remember, I’ve had an infatuation with weddings. The beautiful dresses, shiny rings and touching speeches have always made my heart melt!

During my school’s years for my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communication, I felt drawn to event planning – but not the cold and impersonal corporate events I was being taught how to organize in school. I wanted to help create happiness and inspire emotions; I wanted to design something that people would never forget; I wanted to create once in a lifetime memories that would bring tears to your eyes.

Towards the end of my studies I was fortunate enough to cross Estelle’s path, the founder of MC2 Mon Amour in Paris. I became part of the team, learned everything about wedding management and polished my eye for wedding design. This helped me come to the decision that would transform my life forever. I decided to leave France and move to Canada to take on new challenges – one of them being expanding MC2 Mon Amour in Canada.

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